Curly Hair Tips

Curly Hair Tips

Curly Hair Tips

Curly Hair Tips:  

Curly hair tends to get frizzier than most, and humidity doesn't help. Continued use of deep conditioners can improve the quality and manageability of curls over time, making your curly hair healthier, shinier and easier to style. There are also specially formulated curl conditioners that will enhance and improve your curly hair. The Color Lover hair product line is the newest suprise for folks with curly hair(see bottom of page), and  Deva Curls, designed specially for curly hair, has a travel size kit. (Travel Size is a great way to to test the Deva Curl Products.)

Naturally curly hair can also fool you into thinking it is dry when it may NOT be dry at all. Just in case you don't know, Naturally curly hair is not round. The tighter the curl the more the cross section of the hair moves away from round towards to a flatter or rectangular shape. The flat edges on curly hair feel "scratchy" between your fingers giving you the same sensation as you would get when running your fingers through dry hair. Leave-in / Leave-on conditioners Color Lover Hair Primer 11,(our biggest reselling spray-on leave-in product)  and ---Abba Gentle Conditioner (or best selling leave-on-cream product) &  the entire  Deva Curl  product line help "take the edge off" the "flat feeling corners" in naturally curly hair.

The Framesi Color Lover product line offers you MIX & MACH choices than you might see at first glace.

After all NOT EVERYONE wants more or tighter curl! In today's fashion world you (yes you and only you) have the option to tailor make, or fine tune, your hair to fit the style you want by mixing and matching your Color Love Hair Products. And YES you can use Color Lover Hair Products to enhance ANY TYPE OF HAIR! Curly, Colored or not.

  1. first -For Feel Good Hair use Color Lover Hair Primer 11 or Abba Gentle Conditioner
  2. To enhance Curl
    - use both the Color Lover Curl Define Shampoo & Color Love Curl Define Conditioner
  3. To RELAX Curl - for newer wavy looks   
    - use the Color Lover Smooth Shine Shampoo & Color Love Smooth Shine Conditioner
    - mix & match Color Lover Smooth Shine Shampoo & Color Love Curl Define Conditioner
    - add BY WIO Straight Balm Shampoo --or-- I.Dentity  Hair.Force instant straightener for more smoothing
  4. To enhance Curly FINE hair use
    - use the Color Love Curl VOLUME Shampoo + Color Love VOLUME Conditioner + Volume Boost
    - mix & match Color Lover Curl Define Shampoo & Color Love VOLUME Conditioner
    - add BY Pearl Mousse --or-- I.Dentity  Look@Me volume lotion for more volume
  5. To Moisturize Dry  Curl - for newer wavy looks   
    - use the Color Lover Moisture Shampoo & Color Love Moisture  Conditioner
    - mix & match Color Lover Curl Define Shampoo & Color Love Moisture MASQUE Conditioner

 Color Lover & CURL Lover go hand in hand with today's new looks and new styles. Weather you have color in your  hair or not you will like what the Color Lover products do for your curly hair.

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Curly Hair Tips
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