Frizzy Hair

Frizzy Hair

Frizzy Hair

Frizzy Hair:  Our most recent discovery in the anti-frizz & fight battle has been Keratin Color Care Shampoo & Conditioner. Try it we think you will like the results.

Frizzy Hair is a common problem among women of every hair type in every part of the world. And though there are many products out there that combat frizzy hair, women are still struggling to tame the frizzy locks. Why do women still have untamed, frizzy hair when there are some many products readily available to them? Perhaps because they are too expensive? Perhaps because they don't know how to use them? Perhaps they don't know what they need? Hopefully, below you can find the answer to your frizzy hair dilemma.

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Frizzy hair can plague all types and textures of hair, from curly hair to straight hair and thin hair to thick hair. Our most recent discovery in the anti-frizz fight has been Keratin Color Care Shampoo & Conditioner. One of the biggest causes of frizzy hair can be a lack of moisture. If your hair is dry and frizzy, it is likely very dry and moisture deprived, lacking natural oils. Frizzy hair can also result from a protein deficiency in your hair and from your diet.

They best way to tame your frizzy hair is to find the perfect moisture balance for the texture and type of your hair. Your hair is composed of 10-12% moisture, approximately. Your hair's moisture and natural oils are the key to obtaining healthy, smooth, silky hair. Frizzy hair is the result of a drop in your hair's natural moisture level. Your hair may loose moisture due to the shape of it's cuticle or due to how you treat your hair, but the solution is the same: stopping the frizz by adding moisture back to the hair cuticle.

There are two ways you can replenish the moisture of your hair: internally and externally.
Internally: There are special special supplements you can take, certain foods you can eat and vitamins and minerals you can take that add protein, oils and moisture to your hair from the inside-out.

Externally: Most anti-frizz products contain silicone which helps to instantly neutralize frizz. Though silicone products do smooth out frizzies, these products are temporary solutions for your frizz problems. A better solution is identifying your hair type and hair needs and creating and following an entire hair care regime with the purpose of putting moisture back into your dry hair. If you have curly & wavy hair also see the " Oreo-Cookie Mousse Trick," for another frizzy quick fix answer.

Anti Frizz Practices
When Blow-Drying, use a diffuser on  your dryer and angle the dryer down. Dry your hair starting at the root and moving down - no flipping your hair over drying it upside down. Using a diffuser concentrates the direction of the air flow, eliminating the chance that air might blow in different directions, which can help cause frizz. Be sure to use a dryer that has multiple heat settings. Dry your hair with low or medium heat only and finish with the coldest setting to seal the look and close the cuticles.

When Shampooing, you should choose a moisture rich shampoo, a straightening shampoo, shampoo for color treated hair, or a smoothing shampoo, just be sure to match your shampoo with your conditioner for best results. Again Keratin Color Care Shampoo & Conditioner have been giving our clients great results.

Condition, Condition, Condition: Conditioning your hair is the key to fighting frizz. Frizz happens because your hair is dry and lacking moisture. Dry hair breaks, creating more frizz. Use a moisture rich conditioner that is right for all your hair needs: a moisture rich color safe conditioner for colored/dyed hair, a smoothing moisture conditioner for those wanting straight hair, etc. There are also conditioning treatments and conditioning hair masques that can be used as little as once a month or as mush as once or twice a week  that will deep condition your hair. Just pay attention and your hair will tell you how often to deep condition. These treatments can be done at your salon by a professional, or there are at home, conditioning treatments that are just as effective. Salon treatments, like the Lanza Ultimate Treatment Kit, usually give enhanced result when you add the key element of heat. (We know some manufacturers say you don't need the heat but we find even when the manufacturer says you don't need heat... in our opinion our results improve whenever we add heat to the treatments we have used.) You can buy a professional heat cap to use at home with your conditioning treatment and save a great deal of money by doing the treatments yourself. If you want straight hair without frizz consider  Keratin Complex Hair Therapy , an "in salon only" treatment that uses  a flat iron to infuse keratin back into your hair.

Add an Oil Treatment to your hair regime. Whether it's a hot oil treatment or just adding oil to your damp hair after you shower, oil can do wonders for your hair. The important thing to remember about these hair oils is that they shouldn't make your hair feel oily. A great hair oil will simply disappear into your hair, without weighing it down or making it greasy or oily. There are many different types of hair oil treatments that contain different types of oil, you might have to try a few out to find the one that is perfect for your hair. The next generation Moroccan Oil is called Orchids Oil have been coming on strong recently both in salons, on the TV. Upgrade to Orchids Oil you will love what it does for you hair and the fragrance is wonderful!

Avoid Hot Showers. Though many people love hot showers, what they don't know is that hot water can dry out your hair. Make sure to use lukewarm water when washing your hair to avoid further damage. See How to Shampoo.

Avoid Brushing Your Hair. Comb out your hair with your fingers, a pick or a wide toothed comb. Start at the bottom of your hair and work your way up to the roots, gently working out tough snarls. If you have stubborn tangled hair use a leave-in detangler. This will help make your hair more manageable. Brushing your hair can cause a lot of damage and breakage, which can add to frizz. Most leave-in detangler also help condition your hair, which can help replenish moisture to your dry frizzy hair. Also see Protect your hair and Snarely Hair on the same page.

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