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Hair Loss

Hair Loss:   Most common hair loss problems for both men (male pattern baldness) and women ( Thinning Hair) relate to hormone changes in the body.

Female hair density changes are often caused by hormone changes during and right after pregnancy and again during menopause.  Most often the hair the hair thins out but does not disappear altogether. Female hair loss from cancer treatments most often returns (sorry we can't promise it is just an observations.). The new growth is usually a little coarser and a little more curly than the original hair before the cancer treatment.

Male hair loss, (again from personal observations) when it happens seems to start with recessions of the hairline above each eye beginning around age 18 and continuing in small "sprints" of additional hair loss about every 10 years until age 40. So guys if you have you hair at age 40, in most cases you are going to keep it, along with some new hair, usually unwanted, that starts growing from the nose and on the ears.

One option that will help with the on going hair loss problem for men, and the hair thinning problem for women is to plump-up (or thicken) all of the hair that is remaining. Making the most of what you've got is one long standing approach and the plumping-up generally involves adding the vitamin B5 component called Panthenol.

Panthenol attracts and holds moisture into each individual hair strand leaving you hair looking and feeling fuller. Thus using each strand of hair that remains to its maximum advantage. Roffler offers both a shampoo (Roffler Hair Thickening Shampoo) and conditioner/styling aid (Roffler Protein Normalizing Lotion) to help plump-up your hair. Protein Normalizing Lotion has been a log sanding favorite with both the men and the ladies since the early 1960's. Sergino Hair Products  includes Panthenol in all of it's shampoo & conditioner formulations. Both Malibu and Sergino makes a spray-on-leave-in  5% Panthenol Spray that has been shown to plump-up hair by at least 10% and works on both your skin and you hair. In addition Malibu Thick In Styling Wearable, Roffler Styling Gel &  Sergino Designing Gelee provide you with a product that you apply to damp hair before blow drying, for additional support, thickness & hold. Mow if you hair is brittle, over-processed and or breaking w have 2 tings that will help you. #1 is White Sands Porosity aka Porosity the Fix  this is a spray on leave-in detangler that save brittle breaking hair. #2 is Sergino Panthenol Protein Pack, a deep conditioning treatment (deep conditioning gives you more results when you use a heat cap for 15 minutes.) that helps hold on to your hair. If you are looking to do the most with what you've got, these are the products we would recommend for you.

Finasteride:  Propecia Finsitrade or just plain Propecia : was originally used to treat enlarged prostate glands. In lower dose, it is now also used to treat inherited, male pattern baldness hair loss in men. (Finistride is presently used to stop hair loss not to grow back hair you have already lost.) If you are male and are no longer worried about starting a family finistrade or Propecia, may the the right medical answer for you.  It requires a prescription so see your doctor.

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