Hair Loss - Bosley Hair Restoration

Hair Loss - Bosley Hair Restoration

Hair Loss - Bosley Hair Restoration

Hair Loss - Bosley Hair Restoration:   provides information on a full spectrum of products, treatments, and solutions for all stages of hair loss. ... finding the right solution for your hair loss.


The Bosley organization has been around for many years at the cutting edge of hair transplant technique methods and offers prescription, non prescription, and  surgical hair restoration options.  Today Bosley offers a nation wide network of counselors and doctors for your convenience.  You can call 1-800-998-7074  and schedule free, no cost, private, educational session with a Bosley counselor. You will learn about really viablehair loss Bosley ahir Restoration | prppecia solutions for hair loss.  


Bosley offers prescription assistance in the form of Propecia and the Bosley Hairhair loss Bosley ahir Restoration | bosley laser comb regrowth treatment, Minoxidil, as well as a LaserComb. The LaserComb applies (cool) laser therapy to  promote hair growth. Recently approved by the FDA this hand held device is used on thinning areas for 10-15 minutes three times per week. hair loss Bosley ahir Restoration |bosley minoxidil


Bosley asks a valid question. Why do you need true solutions for your thinning hair?
Because hair loss happens in stages, you might be detecting only slight thinning or you could be experiencing a rapidly receding hairline. Whatever the stage, Bosley has true hair loss solutions that deliver verifiable results.  The truth is that in the majority of cases, hair loss is genetic. Fortunately, most genetic hair loss is a gradual process. Knowing this, it makes sense to understand all your options and be familiar with the stages of hair loss and the viable solutions. Your first step is to speak with a Bosley Counselor who will provide the general information you need to help you determine what is best for you during an Education Session. After this informative session, you will have all of the facts you need to make a decision that is right for you.

  • • You may opt to try one of the available over-the- counter options like:
       Rogain (aka Minoxidil), and others as seen on the  Products for Hair Loss page.
  • You may consider a prescribed medication. (Propecia)
  • • You may decide to schedule an appointment with a physician to discuss medical treatments
       for your individual hair loss situation. (hair transplants, hormone replacement therapy (HRT) etc)
  •  You may decide on a hairpiece, wig, clip on hair fillers or  the "glue in/weave-in" hair extensions
  • • You may decide to do nothing at all.

Whatever you decide to do after your Bosley consultation you have the information you needed to make an informed decision.




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