Hair Loss in Women

Hair Loss in Women

Hair Loss in Women

Hair Loss in Women:   hair loss in women | picture from bosley Includes thinning on the top of the head, on the side of the scalp over the ears, disappearing sideburns and disappearing eyebrows.

If you're a woman experiencing hair loss, you're not alone - hair loss in women happens to approximately 50% of women by the age of 50, or around forty million women in the United States alone. Unlike men, women know that their hair is the only fashion accessory they wear every day. You hair is more than a "crown or beauty accent." Women used hair like make-up, to shape the face, call attention to eyes, hide the forehead, to be professional, flirty, hot or not. Hair matters and when you have it, hair is the easiest and least expensive thing to change, when you ready for a change. For all these reasons, and more, thinning hair or hair loss in women,  is emotionally distressing at any age. (also see Hair Style for Thin Hair and Hairstyles for Thin Hair )

Generally, men tend to loose their hair in stages starting around eighteen. Women usually start a decade later. Most women do not feel that hair thinning and hair loss is an acceptable part of the aging process. The fact remains that for about half of our female population, the hair follicle becomes progressively smaller and finer and finally stops growing. Causes range form heredity, to hormone changes, hormone imbalance, pregnancy, menopause, diet, disease, stress, and age.

Individual hair follicle may lose pigment and in the end, it may remain permanently dormant. If a woman is unhappy with topical treatments, clip-in, clip-on, glue-on (extensions), wigs & hair pieces and wishes to regain looks possible without making a significant hair additions, hair transplantation is a viable option.  (see Hair Loss - Bosley Hair Restoration)

Yes, more women than ever before are fixing their hair loss problems with hair transplantation procedures . The great majority of women with typical female pattern hair loss can be helped. Though your female hair loss pattern may differ from a man's (women often retain the hairline and show thinning behind it), the treatment procedure is similar.

Remember transplant means you are removing hair from one area of your head to put it where it is more to your advantage, on another part of your head.  So first you should decide where the new hair will do you the most good. Then your doctor will locates a "donor area" with  healthy hair, to allow for your transplant. Most women, there is enough good donor hair to achieve a significantly noticeable improvement. Scrupulous attention is paid to the angle and direction in which the hairs are transplanted—to make sure they fit in with the existing hair in the area, ensuring natural, syllable hair as and after your hair grows in.

Before you consider any hair treatment or transplant procedure you should discuss your hair loss with your medical professional to discover and eliminate any underlying cause for your hair loss. Medical hair transplants can cost between $4000.00 and $10,000.00 dollars.

If you wish to be discreet about your transplant procedure you should also make styling plans with your hair stylist for minimizing visibility until you transplanted hair grows in.  Your hair restoration procedure should cause minimal interruption in your daily life. You may want to wear a scarf or hat, or comb your hair over the transplants during the first few days following the procedure. After they have completely healed, the transplants should not be visible to a casual viewer. And within two to three months, your new hairs will begin to grow and will continue growing at the normal human rate of approximately 6 inches per year (1/2" a month).


Eyebrow Restoration: 

Eyebrows Option #1 - Transplant ... Perhaps you, or someone you know, has permanent eyebrow hair loss and did not know there was a permanent solution. Whether it's the result of over-plucking, a genetic predisposition, or aging, eyebrow loss is something that affects both men and women. The treatment for permanent hair loss in the eyebrow area has a proven  transplant solution called 'eyebrow restoration'.  Similar to hair restoration, the eyebrow shape is custom-designed based on your facial features, degree of brow loss, and your personal restoration goals.

Unlike many other cosmetic procedures which often require ongoing treatments, eyebrow restoration is permanent, making it one of the most affordable cosmetic enhancement procedures available. That means you can enhance your appearance and gain a more youthful look around your eyes, often with a single visit. Medical eyebrow enhancement starts around $3500.00 and a full restoration is around $5000.00.

Eyebrows Option #2 - Permanent makeup or Permanent to semi permanent "tattoo on" eyebrows. This procedures take between  30 minutes to 2 hours. Local anesthesia is used to makes the procedure painless. Tattoos initially appear brighter or darker than desired, but  fade to the desired color over several days. Eyebrows tattoo permanent makeup ranges from $300 to $1000. If you make the permanent make up too heavy it looks like a tattoo. The best results with permanent make up are achieved when the application is lighter than the normal tattoo. This means occasional touch-ups are required, just like with any other tattoo. It is much more convenient then Option #3 which is to put temporary make up on every day.


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Hair Loss in Women
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