Hair Style for Thin Hair

Hair Style for Thin Hair

Hair Style for Thin Hair

Hair Style for Thin Hair:  

Hair Style for Thin Hair require a good cut, the right length of hair, proper hair color and help for your hair in the form of a perm or, at a the very least, help from styling aids that promote volume, shine and movement.

Thin hair (low density)  hair can show cutting marks, so look for an experienced stylist with precision cutting experience. Explore the latest fashion hair trends as they combine all the features needed to make a great hair style for fine hair (color, movement, shorter lengths and fun for you to play with and offer different looks).  The newer styles look very good on straight, thin hair and give the overall illusion of thicker hair. Plus they can draw attention to the overall look and away from the sparseness of the hair.

One trick is to use the hair on the top of your head at least twice. Once to "stand up" giving the illusion of volume and once to "travel" allowing the length to combine with the adjacent hair to "cover the scalp".  If your hair is very sparse, twice may not be enough and a perm may be required to get the coverage you desire

If your hair has just started thinning, you should probably contact your doctor to check your hormone balance. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and menopause are just two things that can cause your hair to start thinning. If thinning hair is accompanied by new unwanted hair growth on the chin, upper lip or other areas of the body, it is probably best to talk to your health care provider.

Layered hair styles and cutting hair into different length (at the end of the hair shaft) will create contrasting lengths to give your hair internal texture. New layering trends can be used to increase body and volume or it can be used to decrease weight.

Color can give a great illusion. Dark draws in and light pops out. So don't "pull your color through each tie you color your hair. Let the root area remain darker and as the fade to a lighter tone. This way the volume of your hair appears to grow. To enhance this illusion add a "light-than-your-hair-color" color enhancing shampoo (usually a sunflower color for those with blond hair) to your every day shampoo. This adds reflective shine to help "pop" the ends of your hair away from the darker rots. Prest-o Change-o --- more volume!

Use volumizing hair shampoo and volumizing conditioners that are specifically designed for thin hair.

When selecting hair products for thin hair, look for those products that both add volume and reduce the weight of your hair by removing the minerals deposited from your water. Put your hair on a steady diet of "mineral removing products". They will  leave your hair feeling lighter - because it is lighter when it is not being weighed down with all those extra minerals from your local water supply.

If your are looking for a wellness approach to hair care try the Malibu Scalp Wellness Kit controls and prevents symptoms associated with dandruff, eczema, psoriasis, cradle cap, thinning hair and other irritating scalp conditions. Best regiment includes includes daily use of the Optimum Hair Growth system, weekly use of Malibu Hard Water Active  & Malibu Miracle Repair & a Malibu Make Over treatment once each month.

The Framesi Hair Treatments for Follicle Release by Framesi | Hair Growth Treatment

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Hair Style for Thin Hair
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