Hair Styling Products
for Fine Hair

Hair Styling Products for Fine Hair

Hair Styling Products for Fine Hair

Hair Styling Products for Fine Hair:  he best kept secret in the fine hair business is that there are 3 (three) types of styling products for Fine Hair, 1-Treatments, 2-Shampoos & Conditioners and 3- Styling Aids. So if Fine hair your problem, remember a problem is only a situation you don't know how to handle ... yet. This information is those who definitely  want to know how!


That's right the best kept secret in the fine hair business is that there are 3 (three) types of styling products for Fine Hair. The first reinforces the hair, usually weekly, is called a hair treatment, and goes inside your hair shaft. The second reinforces your hair daily. It is your shampoo and conditioner. The third group is referred to as styling aids. Styling Aids reinforces your hair by going on the outside of the hair shaft. You apply them to  your hair just before and just after you drying your our hair and once again when your hair needs a quick touch-up.  


In the weight lifting fitness business the trainers use the weights to "pump you up!" In  the fine hair business we use both treatments, daily shampoos & conditioners  and styling aids to "pump up your hair" from the inside and from the outside. Then we use hairspray to keep the look.


The the best kept (secret) Hair Styling Products for Fine Hair is your deep conditioning treatments. The best treatments for Volume from the inside of your hair are:


The daily treatment, though not a secret, are your shampoo and conditioner. They are usually labeled using the word Volume or Volumizing,  Body of Bodifying , all to be sure you know what they are  doing for your hair. (see the left column)


The fine hair, styling aid of choice, for adding quick Volume are:


                    The day shampoo & condition your hair, ...   use

  • OSIS " Dust It" --- or                        

  • Lanza " Powder Up" Texturizer          

                    The day after   ... - use

  • OSIS " Dust It"    --- or                      

  • Lanza " Powder Up" Texturizer           


These "magic" powders however, are the last step in an entire series of steps that you can do to make your fine hair look great. Either the Dust-It of the Powder-Up belongs in your purse if you have fine hair or in your kit when you want to be able to do a quick, fashion model, touch-up on your fine hair.


So now we have talked about the beginning and the end - what do you, in the middle  when you are fixing your hair to look great?  You use Styling Aids.


The Work-Horse Styling Aid in the Kevin Murphy line is  "Motion Lotion." Motion Lotion  combines, or cocktails well,  with the five different Kevin Murphy  products as shown on the right. Start with Motion Lotion and adjust to suit  the needs of your hair.


Making fine hair look great starts with a plan. One of the most important steps is to get a great Hair Style for Fine Hair . Once you have the hairstyle you start adding the "little extras" and build you hair into the look you want and like. Its just like doing your make up! Start with the Concealer (your hair treatment), go to the Foundation (your shampoo & conditioner). add your Highlights (styling aids),  set it in place (hairspray) and touch it up as needed.



Extra #1  is the volume treatments by Kevin Murphy and Lanza, mentioned above

Extra #2    is your shampoo: Shampoo for fine hair is referred to as body adding or volume shampoo.  

Extra #3a  is the conditioner that reinforces the shampoo

Extra #4    is your put-on & leave-in styling aids that aid you in styling your hair

Extra #5    is the know how to use the styling products in step #3 -

Extra #6    is what you do when you blow dry your hair (dry aginst the hair growth pattern where you want fullness)

Extra #7    is using your flat iron or curling iron t finish your hair & the spray on product that reinforces iron work

Extra #8    is a finishing spray that holds the roots of the hair in place (holds the volume at the scalp)

Extra #9    is the hairspray that holds the look you have created while letting it move a little

Extra #10    is what you do after you have done steps 1 through 9 and need a BOOST to finish or repair your style  these include OSIS " Dust It"  and Lanza " Powder Up." Both life savers for a root lifting boost to repair looks that have gone flat.


Does everyone need all of the 10 Extra Steps above? Of course not. What most people do is trying the various Extras, in different combinations, until they find the combination that works for them.


The secrets to spending the least amount of time are simple.

A- replace the regular products you use on your hair (shampoo and conditioner and styling aids) with better volume building products. So far - just different products- no extra time required.
B- try different  haircuts for fine hair. If you have fine hair and lots of it - it wants to lay flat on your head. -So choose a style that lays flat - and looks good on you or, if you want to make your hair look like more hair get a style that is texturized to help you stand it up.
C- switch from a curling iron to a flat iron. Flat  irons cost more but save you loads of time. the are really fast and great for a touch-up without having to re-do everything.

D- think like a fashion model hair stylist. You aren't one so this either takes time, work and money to experiment by trial and error or advice from the hair stylist that works with your hair. Get the right hair styling products for fine hair. Cutting Edge Hair Styling Products offers OSIS, BY, and Pink-Up. Green Hair Products offers Kevin Murphy hair styling products. (Kevin Murphy is from Australia and styles hair for photos shoots and movies all around the world)  and Matthew Williams, (artistic director for ABBA uses volume building hair products) and has also done his share of fashion photo shoots. 


This is particularly important with fine hair. If you have fine hair you know it is best to shampoo & condition every day and on very important days, when you want to look look good you have to start from scratch. Which means redoing your hair including  re-shampooing, re-conditioning and re-styling your hair just before your event.


Now that you have the hair styling products for fine hair know-how you only need to train your hands to get the looks you want.


Know How tips for fine


The latest Hair Styling Products for fine hair can be found on Cutting Edge Hair Styling Products or on Hair Products for Fine Thin Hair


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