Hair Treatments

Hair Treatments

Hair Treatments

Hair Treatments:  

Hair treatments range from those things we can do to our hair at home, to those you want someone else, with more knowledge, to do at your local Hair Salon, like: 1-Putting a product on your hair to a) repair damage or b) make your hair look feel or to make your hair c) be easier to for your to take care of to... d) refining or changing your hair cut or orr your e) coloring or perming your hair. Here we offer some ideas about how to resolve specific hair problems at home.

Hair Treatments include :

  1. Rule #1 Adding heat increases the desired improvement result with most hair treatments.
    most heat is applied to the hair for either 15 or 20 or 30 minutes depeding on the treatment directions.
    • the most controllable method to add heat is an In-the-salon over head dryer - about 250.00
    • 2nd choice would be an at-home salon-type dryer or a bonnet type hair dryer
    • 3rd there is a hair bonnet that you can attach to your hand-held blow dryer at home
    • 4th-there are some "wrap around your head" - microwaveable hair caps
    • hot towels wrapped around your head - again heated ith ehr microwave
    • sitting in the sun
    • trying a product that does "not require heat" note these often works better if you do apply heat.

  2. Damage Hair Repair Treatments
  3. Dry Hair Treatments
  4. Styling Treatments or making your hair look good today include:
    • blow drying tricks,
    • roller setting
    • flat iron how to
    • curling iron

  5. Conditioning Treatments
  6. - Hair Treatments to improve how your hair  feels, looks & behaves
  7. Hair Coloring: Treatments to change the color of your hair

  8. Hair Texture: Treatments to change your hairs texture
    • Permanent Wave Treatments
    • Straightening Treatments
    • Over Processed Hair --- Keratin Hair Therapy

  9. Fight The Frizz: Hair Treatments for fizzy hair

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Hair Treatments
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Hair Treatments
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