Hairstyles for Thin Hair

Hairstyles for Thin Hair

Hairstyles for Thin Hair

Hairstyles for Thin Hair:  

Hair Styles for Thin Hair require a good cut, the right length of hair, proper hair color and help for your hair in the form of a perm or, at a the very least, help from styling aids that promote volume, shine and movement.

Thin hair (low density) fine hair blond hair, easily shows choppy mark, so look for an experienced stylist with talent in precision cutting. Explore the latest fashion hair trends as they combine all the features needed to make great hair styles for thin hair. The stylist you are searching for will usually offers color services, knows how to add movement, cut hair to shorter lengths (at least on top) and offers hair styles that are  fun for you to play with and often displays and discusses new trends and looks.

At this time the styles are, and have been, moving to an asymmetric interior weighting with asymmetric edges (design lines) and a ragged front fringe (bangs) that can work well with thin hair. This format look very good on straight, fine hair and give the overall illusion of thicker hair.

Not everyone is comfortable wearing asymmetric hair designs. If you do not feel uncomfortable with something (ragged bangs, asymmetric design lines or off balanced inter weight distribution) be sure to tell  your stylist that you want a style that is even on both sides with straight even bangs and no uneven weight distribution. Either design is OK. The cut is being designed for you and your hair needs. It is however a trade off. The more even the hair cut the more work for you to build volume and them more you will need to depend on your styling aids styling tools and your own styling abilities,  to help overcome or hide  THIN HAIR problems.

One styling trick is to use the hair on the top of your head at least twice. Once to "stand up" giving the illusion of volume and once to "travel" allowing the length to combine with the adjacent hair to "cover the scalp".  If your hair is very sparse, twice may not be enough and a perm may be required to get the coverage you desire

If your hair has just started thinning, you should probably contact your doctor to check your hormone balance. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and menopause are just two things that can cause your hair to start thinning. If thinning hair is accompanied by new unwanted hair growth on the chin, upper lip or other areas of the body, it is probably best to talk to your health care provider. (see Hair Growth and Unwanted Hair Growth)

Layered hair styles and cutting hair into different length (at the end of the hair shaft) will create contrasting lengths to give your hair internal texture. New layering trends can be used to increase body and volume or it can be used to decrease weight.

Hair that is thinning on top can take advantage for the "new looks" of longer bangs, to "cover the top." Here the hair is grown out on the top (I know it is just the opposite of shorter hair for height). The secret here is to comb the hair from the back of the head forward to "pile up" on the thinning hair in the front of the head, hiding the thinness with the length. By making the hair at the crown longer and combing it forward you get more coverage. The bangs do not have to be in you eyes, if that length bothers you.  Of course you do have to shampoo, condition and style every day so it so your hair doesn't get the matted down oily look. The look on the right is taken from the Framesi "Italian Style" collection. The look illustrates the main points in the discussion. However the Framesi  "Italian style" haircut itself is layered for someone with a full  head of hair that is not thinning. By reversing the top layering, and texturizing the bang area at the ends only, you can keep the look and cover thinning hair on the top of the head. Note for this look, the hair on top sits close to the head, (this you get automatically if your hair is thinning). Additionally,  keeping the hair at collar length in the back to show maximum  fullness, presents the illusion that you had your hair thinned or layered on top (indicating you have more hair on top but you had it thinned to get the look you wanted).

Use volumizing hair shampoo and volumizing conditioners that are specifically designed for thin hair. (also see Hair Treatments for Follicle Release by Framesi)

When selecting hair products for fine hair, look for those products that both add volume and reduce the weight of your hair by removing the minerals deposited from your water. Put your hair on a steady diet of "mineral removing products". They will  leave your hair feeling lighter - because it is lighter when it is not being weighed down with all those extra minerals from your local water supply.

If your are looking for a wellness approach to hair care try the EC Mode Scalp Wellness Kit  it can create optimum conditions for new hair growth by:

  • Eliminating free radicals which cause oxidation.
  • Normalizing exfoliation of the scalp.
  • Unplugging deep residue including calcium, which bonds to hair proteins causing hair to break off.
  • Removing many medications that seep through the scalp tissue and block the hair follicle.
  • Providing therapeutic gentle cleansing rather than harsh ingredients.
  • Our wellness approach is a more natural, gentle, non-invasive then most of the traditional approaches. Yet works to create optimum conditions for new hair growth.
  • Best regiment includes includes daily use of the Scalp Wellness system, weekly use of EC Mode Hard Water Active or Dandruff Eczema Active with EC Mode Miracle Repair & a EC Mode Malibu Make Over treatment once each month.

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Hairstyles for Thin Hair
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