Hot Oil Treatments

Hot Oil Treatments

Hot Oil Treatments

Hot Oil Treatments
Paul Brown Hawaii Hot Oil TreatmentPaul Brown Hawaii Rejuvenation Cocktail

To Create the Paul Brown Hawaii Rejuvenation Cocktail, simply combine the following products: order here

   1oz - Resurrect Conditioner
1/4oz - Kukui Nut Hot Oil
1/4 oz - Diamond Heads Cuticle Sealer

  • Mix well  Matex Thermal Spa Professional Conditioning Heat Cap
  • Shampoo hair gently,
  • rinse and towel dry
  • apply cocktail throughout  your hair
  • Cover with plastic cap and apply heat cap (lower right) for 10 to 15 minutes
  • Let cool, rinse and squeeze hair in towel to dry

all nutrient hot oil treatment

All-Nutrient Hot Oil Treatment: Unique dual-purpose formula for use on both hair and skin! Can be used as a hot or cold oil treatment or as a moisturizing tanning oil. Its pure distilled vegetable oils, plant extracts and vitamins penetrate deeply to relieve dryness.

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Hot Oil Treatments
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