Keratin Complex Hair Therapy

Keratin Complex Hair Therapy

Keratin Complex Hair Therapy

Keratin Complex Hair Therapy:  

This relatively new hair therapy smoothing system infusesKeratin Hair Therapy
Keratin deep into the hair cuticle eliminating up to ninety-five percent of frizz and curl from the hair, leaving the hair soft, shiny and luxurious. The hair is more manageable and easier to maintain, reducing daily styling time. For many, this is truly a life changing experience!

Hair Help!Keratin Complex Hair Therapy offers beautifully straight hair therapy with damage control sealed in. Eliminating up to ninety-five percent of frizz and curl from the hair.

It will rejuvenate the hair, giving it the soft, silky feel that everyone is raving about.
It is "skin care for your hair." And unlike other salon services, the more you treat your hair, the healthier it becomes. With each treatment, the build-up of Keratin  makes the hair:
• Softer & Silkier
• Straighter & Shinier
• Faster and easier to blow-dry  - Reduces daily styling time
• Less maintenance - close to being  "maintenance-free"

Hair is basically  Keratin Protein  -  so, when Keratin is re-infused into the hair shaft, you are providing "skin care for your hair." The more you that your hair the healthier it becomes, and the happier you will be with your hair.



Q: What is the Keratin Hair Therapy by COPPOLA?
A: It is a specially formulated revitalizing and rejuvenating treatment for the hair that eliminates frizz and curl. The advanced patent pending formulation restores and restructures hair by infusing a special blend of natural keratin deep into the damaged cuticle. The keratin is bonded into the cuticle by the heat of the flat iron to relax the hair's sub- cuticle layer.

Q: How much time should I allowed for each treatment?
A: Time can only be determined on an individual basis, It is dependant on your hair length, type, and texture. Please allow a 2 to 3 hours for shoulder length hair, More if your hair is longer and is very thick..

Q: What results can be expected after the treatment?
A: The hair will be more manageable and take much less time to style. It will be noticeably softer and straighter, with added life and shine as well as a lengthened look.

Q: Can hair be colored before the treatment?
A: Yes! A great time to have the treatment done would be directly after coloring or chemically treating the hair. The color will be sealed in, leaving the hair vibrant and extending the life of the color, However, you must wait two weeks to color your hair after the treatment.

Q: Can the treatment be done on chemically treated hair?
A: Yes, for blondes, highlighted and damaged hair.

Q: How many days after the treatment before the hair can get wet or be washed?
A: You must wait 72 hours before washing your hair or swimming,

Q: Can the hair be pulled back or clipped up during the 72-hour waiting period?
A: No. The hair should not have any impressions made by using bands or clips.

Q: What should be done if the hair gets wet during the 72-hour waiting period?keratin complex hair therapy
A: Blow the hair dry and flat iron.

Q: What kind of shampoo and conditioner should be used?
A: Keratin Complex Natural Shampoo and Conditioner. The wrong ingredients in your shampoo & conditioner can UNDO your treatment.  (Use a shampoo without Sodium-Chloride.)

Q: How often can the treatment be done?
A: The treatment can be done as often as every 4-6 weeks.

Q: Is the re-application of the treatment done on the entire head or on the new growth?
A: The re-application should be done on the entire head as the build-up of keratin can only improve, not harm, the hair.

Q: How long will the treatment last?
A: Treatment can last up to 3 months, depending on hair type an texture, provided the client follows all after care instructions.

Q: Should the hair be cut before or after the treatment?
A: We recommend that the hair be cut after the treatment, as the hair will have a smoother texture and will lay differently.

Q: Can the treatment be done on pregnant or nursing women?
A: No, It is not recommended.

Q: Can the treatment be done on children?
A: Yes. With great results!

Q: OK how much?
A: Treatments start at $350.00 and last 3 to 5 months.... What you are paying for is the 4 to 5 hours of time it takes to do this treatment properly. You really don't want someone to rush you or the treatment process.  It is much better to take the time necessary for the treatment needs to leave your hair in the best condition possible. You will also notice that the after pictures do not show you the ends of the persons hair. This may have been done intentionally - as the ends of the hair are often damaged or so weak so they may not have looked "picture perfect." If you have been brushing you wet hair - plan on having the "damaged-ends" trimmed off. The Keratin Hair Treatment process straight hair so it will naturally be longer due to the loss of curl. Trimming the ends will probably not shorten the over all length of your length, but a good trim usually helps the finished look dramatically. It all depends on how much the ends of your hair have been damaged.

  • For hair you want to relax and have less wave or curl the Keratin Hair Therapy treatment is much easier on you hair than chemical hair relaxers and leave it in better shape, with less frizz, and requires less & easier daily up keep.
  • Yes after 3 days your hair is yours once again. You can curling iron your hair and on subsequent days you can flat iron it again to go back to your straight look once again.
  • For damaged hair the new at home, do it yourself, conditioners start at $55.00  to $65.00 for a 5.1oz "miracle in a jar" that you will use up in 6 to 12 weeks on shorter hair, and does not make your at home hair care any easier. We won't be able to tell you which is best for your hair until you come in for a "look see" evaluation.


    1. use Coppola Hair Maintenance Products (click picture to order-->>)
     2. Wear hair down all the time
     3. Use blow dryer and flat-iron as needed (in case your hair gets wet during
         the initial 3-day waiting period)
     4. Wear a silk scarf to pull your hair away from your face
     5. Use a shampoo without Sodium-Chloride/ sulfates on the 3rd day after the treatment and afterwards also

DON'TS                    DO NOT ....s
(we, that means you at home -- are trying t keep the hair dry & straight
             -- for the first 3 days so...)
     1. Don't wash the hair for 3 days
     2. Don't tie hair into pony tail
     3. Don't use hair clips
     4. No hair bands
     5. No sweating or exercise (remember, we are trying t keep the hair dry & straight )
     6. No you can't place hair behind ears! (come on now it's  hard but it's only 3 days)
     7. No Pins, combs, clips etc, in hair
     8. You can't use your glasses to hold the hair back

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