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Moroccan Oil

Moroccan Oil is Argan Nut Oil - this is the TreeMoroccan Oil

Moroccan Oil:   is Argan Oil


There seems to be some confusion about Argan Oil and Moroccan Oil. Here is the Argan Oil skinny and a replacement suggestion.

   Moroccan Hair Oil  is Argan Nut Oil or ...  just Argan Oil for short.



  • Moroccan Hair Oil - Argan Nuts Argan Oil is so named for the tree that the Argan nut grows on.

  • The Argan nut - gives us the Argan oil.

  • Morocco is the place, where the Argan tree grows. It sounds more exotic too doesn't it. 
    Morocco is found just south of Spain across the straight of Gibraltar. The Argan Trees only grow in South West Morocco where we find the Western Sahara Desert. If you look at a flat map of the world the bottom of South Western Morocco is about even with the bottom of the Florida peninsula,  but across the ocean in north western Africa.


Moroccan Oil, or more exactly, Argan Nut Oil, is a put-on, leave-in treatment that conditions, shines and restores moisture and it works on all hair types. It doesn't sound quite as exotic as the place where the tree grows, but Argan Oil does exotic and wonderful things for your hair. Plus it can be  added to most normal chemical services, resulting in increased shine and condition while perming and or coloring.
Argan Oil also helps eliminates frizz on all hair types.

For centuries now, the women of Morocco have been battling the effects of aging and hot climate by using a special oil derived from Argan trees.

Now you too can experience the amazing effects of Argan Oil! Argan Oil is special because it contains unsaturated fatty acids and is also rich in  vitamin E. The Argan oil works to renew cell structure and restore shine to your damaged, moisture starved hair and give a silky feeling to naturally curly hair that normally feels "scratchy" between your fingers, (or your partners fingers) as they are running through your hair. Transform your hair today into luscious, smooth feeling locks with with Argan Nut Oil! You'll love what it does for your hair and how your hair feels between you fingers. .

This hair oil treatment instantly absorbs into your hair. The results are instant shine, and long term conditioning, without leaving an oily residue or oil feeling on your hair.


Argan Oil is formulated to both strengthen and soften brittle locks. Gentle enough for fine hair, intense enough to help tame unmanageable hair, Argan Oil  Treatments promotes healing, and provides nourishment.

    Vanish Argan OilOur Argan Oil Choice would be Vanish Argan Oil

      it comes in a slightly bigger bottle than other Argan Oil competitors
    it is LESS expensive than other Argan Oil competitors
    the bottle is plastic, rather than a glass bottle, (less likely to break if dropped)
    Vanish Argan Oil is clear so it won't change the color of your blond hair or highlights and
    • Argan Oil  has a wonderful aroma therapy fragrance. (Best fragrance when compared to competitors.)

    gives legs a nice shine when stockings are not warranted


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    Whichever brand you choose, Argan oil does wonderful things for hair. A big Thumbs Up! for Argan Oil.

    moroccan oil replacement | orcids oil(also see Morrocan Hair Oil & Morrocan Oil for Hair) Here's where to buy Moroccan oil.

    Replacement: But hold on folks now, --- -There is a "new sheriff in town" ----  Our folks have been telling us that the different oils from Morocco --- start out with a bang -- and end up giving "dry-hair results" after  2 or 3 months of continuous use.  If you have noticed this, with your hair type, we may have your answer  - Try using Orchids Oil it does more, smell wonderful, has been a great repeat seller, and costs less too! 


Other companies are mixing Argan oil with other oils (Jojoba Oil, Macadamia Oil, Sea Buckthorn Oil, etc.) as seen on our Hair Oil and Hair Oil Information pages.


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