Pomade:   A must have styling tool  for those intentionally disheveled looks seen in today's world of fashion


Pomade is a sort of solid consistency hair styling product generally applied to dry hair, that DOES NOT HARDEN. Pomades used to include only those products with greasy or waxy bases and were used to "shine up and slick down" the hair.  Today pomade labels include the words;  wax, clay, as well as some gel, glue &  creams. Inmost cases if you "blow dry it - dry," or if it hardens it is not a pomade.


Pomade are used to add shine, lift, root-lift or to add texture to the ends of your hair, as well as to control fly-away and create spikes or the popular  "pieces parts" intentionally disheveled looks seen in today's  world of fashion.


Some pomades or pomade substitutes like Vaseline petroleum jelly (popular on Halloween eve to get the vampire look & hated then next morning because it won't come out *) can be difficult to remove from you hair with standard shampoo.


Pomades work best on thick, coarse or wavy hair. Use sparingly, emulsifying the hair pomade by placing a small amount onto the palm of your hand and rubbing with the palm side of your finger tips until it's (well distributed) or barely there.  Apply lightly over the top surface of the hair, pinching and coaxing stray hairs into the desired look.  Now here is the reason for keeping the hair pomade on the palm side of your finger.   To gain additional separation, lift  & direction, you can work your fingers into your hair next to the scalp, and  rub the pomade on the root area of your hair. Once the pomade is on the root area, simply  squeeze your fingers together  lifting back, away from the scalp and out of the hair to gain unseen root lift and direction.  Pinch the ends between you fingers where needed to for added finishing details and to add polish to your style.



 *Vaseline petroleum jelly is not easily removed. Remember "oil dissolves oil," so try adding some olive-oil to the Vaseline to thin it down. Using a special shampoo lime E C modes Un Do Goo or other de-greasers such as dish washing liquid or most successfully liquid tide laundry detergent directly on the hair. After the Vaseline is "gone" rewash with a standard shampoo and condition to "put back" the good things your hair needs to look its best. If you are now ,or have in the past, successfully removed Vaseline from you hair please Email us with your tricks and results.


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Pomade | Air Pomade by Osis

Air Pomade


Pomade | Glacier Wax BY Framesi
Glacier Wax


pomade by roffler

Roffler Pomade


pomade | sheer pomade by alterna


Alterna Sheer Pomade



pomade | alterna concrete

Alterna Concrete


Pomade - Wacks by Paul Brown Hawaii

Wacks Pomade by
Paul Brown Hawaii


pomade -sXgel by Paul Brown Hawaii


sXgel Pomade by
Paul Brown Hawaii


pomade | Sticky Business by Kevin Murphy
Sticky Business
by Kevin Murphy


Hair Pomade | Mess UP matt gum by osis
Mess UP






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