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Hair Protection

Hair Protection

Hair Protection:  
Take ACTION NOW to Protect you hair!  This is the "most forgotten step" in the entire hair care industry and probably the most forgotten step in your own daily regiment. Despite knowing an ounce of protection is worth way more than a pound of cure when it comes to taking care of your hair. Most hair product manufacturers talk about the
big four (4) - 1-Shampoo 2- Condition 3- Styling Aid & 4 Hair Spray.

In our experience this should be the big FIVE (5)
1-Shampoo    2- Condition         3- Protect        4-add a Styling Aid &          5 Hair Spray.

Always protect you hair. Hair Protection is simple, once you know how. Here are all of the little things that make the big difference. They may sound simple, but for those of you who don't already know, they are all important.
More importantly using all of the tricks multiplies (not just adds to) your end result!

Thoroughly wet you hair before shampooing.

Apply the shampoo to your hands with a little shower water and rub you hands together to emulsify (and "make-up" more of ) the shampoo before applying to you hair. Not only is the "weaker shampoo" better for the hair it will save you shampoo & there by save your money while protecting your hair.

Shampoo a second time using half as much shampoo as you used with the first shampooing.

"Make-UP" some conditioner by adding a little water to your conditioner and rubbing you hands together just as you did with your shampoo.

Apply the conditioner and work through your hair to the ends. If you need more conditioner ..First add a little more water and then if still needed "make-up" a little more conditioner and apply.

Let the conditioner stay in you hair to do its work while you wash up, shave and finish your shower routine. Some things only work when you give them enough time. You wouldn't bake a cake by putting the batter in a pre heated oven and taking the cake out in one minute. There would just not be enough time for the cake to bake. It's the same with your hair conditioner. While in-the-shower, rinse-out, hair conditioners are "instant conditioners" at least  compared to the time it takes to baking a cake, they still need as much time as you can give them to work. 

If you have longer hair & it tangles in the shower use a pick, in the shower, while the conditioner is still in you hair to help de-tangle you hair to prevent damage.

Now turn you back to the shower so the water can rinse out the conditioner while leaving you hair de-tangled.

When it is time to towel-dry you hair -- Don't rub the hair with your towel - Squeeze it and blot it with as little rubbing a possible. After all you just got the tangles out let's try not to put them back in. About NOT Rubbing: The outside layer of your hair looks like fish scales. Think what would happen if you rubbed two fish together day after day. The scales from one fish would try to rub-off the scales on the other fish, just like sandpaper, sanding wood. In short ,them more you squeeze and blot your hair, the less damage you add to your hair.  If you have short hair (3" or shorter) and it is trimmed every 4 to 6 weeks,  you probably will not notice the big difference that "not-rubbing" you hair to dry it can make. For folks who like longer luxurious hair this not-rubbing step is a big ounce of prevention. If your hair is 18 inches long you may have been rubbing off the cuticle layer for over 3 years! So be kind to your hair and blot or squeeze and try not to rub.

Remember the  big FIVE (5) 1-Shampoo 2- Condition 3- Protect 4-Styling Aid & 5 Hair Spray? Well it is time for step #3- Protect. At this point add a protecting agent, like Color Lover Hair Primer 11White Sands Orchids Oil to your towel dried hair. These two particular products, have done more good and solved more hair problems in our hair salon than any of the other products we use. And without the long term drying results we see when using Argan oil or other products after longer term usage.

The  #3- Protect step is particularly important for those folks experiencing split ends, hair breakage, hair loss, and all folks who want to growing their out (hair longer). The more you protect the hair the longer it will grow and the longer it will be with you on your head.

Next - Protect means you never use hot curling irons or flat irons on wet hair. Thoroughly dry your hair, then stop drying and let your hair cool before feeling for damp places with your fingers. Then re-dry damp places before using your flat iron or curling iron to finish your style. Color Lover Volume Boost 2-phase Spray on leave in conditioner also helps protect your hair from your hot tools as does the I.Dentity Protect.It or Abba Thermal Protect. But no product protects you hair more than being sure your hair is dry before your use your hot tools to style your hair.

Protect your hair during the blow-drying process. Here is how: Place the air flow from your blow dryer the thumb nail of your other hand. If you can NOT keep your thumb nail in the the air flow increase the distance between tyour thumb hail and the dryer. Find and note distance where the air flow is warm on your thumb nail but you don't want to take you hand away because of the heat. this is the safe distance to hold the dryer away from your hair while you are blow drying. It will let you dry your hair as fast as possible without damaging your hair. Its fast, it's simple, It's cheap and your hair will love you for not "setting it on fire" with too much heat damage, from blow drying.

If you want lots of heat, all of the time, for styling you hair -you definitely need Thermafuse Hair Products

Step 4- add a Styling Aid - are products used to make you hair styling job easier. 

Step 5- Hair Spray - are used to hold you air in place once you have finished styling you hair.

If you still need help, or you find these ideas have helped you please send an Email to us at  Protect Your Hair.

Hair Protection

Color Lover Hair Primer 11

hair protection | white sands orchids oil

 hair protection | white sands porosity

har protect | abba thermal protect

Color Lover Hair Primer 11

 Color Lover
Hair Primer 11


 White Sands
Orchids Oil


 White Sands
Porosity the Fix


Thermal Protect


Color Lover
Volume Boost


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