Spring Hair Conditioner

Spring Hair Conditioner

Spring Hair Conditioner

Spring Hair Conditioner  Spring Conditioning Treatments:  Winter changes your hair in one direction, the cold weather alters the condition of  the hair as well as changing the vibrancy & tone of your hair color while leaving you hair with that dried out feeling. Spring reverses winter trends but spring doesn't mean that the winter hair blues are instantly gone.  After an entire season of cold, dry, hat covered hair you still need help with split ends, fighting the results of indoor heat, static electricity, dry frizzy hair looks. In short  need to alter what you do for your hair so you and your hair are ready to spring into spring.

Spring is time to freshen both you look and your hair color!  This can be as simple as using a color adding shampoo or asking your stylist to "pull your color through" at the end of your processing time, using a lower volume developer, or adding a touch of shine (Moroccan Oil Glimmer Shine Spray - it shines more), all the way to having a completely new color for the spring! 

Naturally permed, straightened and/or color treated hair it is more porous than virgin, untreated hair. The outside cuticle layer has been opened by the chemical processing. This makes your hair even more vulnerable to increased moisture in the air.

To look your best and
To maintain your hair's best moisture balance and
To keep your color looking fresh, healthy & vibrant :

  1. Want frizz control? Use anti-frizz Smooth Control Shampoo & Conditioner
  2. For damaged hair start with hair repair shampoo & conditioner
  3. YES! - Condition your hair every time you shampoo it
  4. Use an intensive conditioning treatment or hair masque at least once a week
  5. Use Hair Oil treatments like Moroccan Hair Oil  that don't leave your hair oily just in better condition
  6. Use leave-in / leave-on conditioners to protect
  7. Did you know you can seal in the perfect 3% moisture with a little moisture block?
  8. Use styling products with antistatic and frizz-fighting ingredients

Here are some popular products to fill your prescription  for your winter conditioning treatment hair needs:

Spring Conditioning Treatments Chart
Daily Moisture
Hair Oils
Leave-in /on
Anti frizz
Styling aids
Lanza Healing Moisture Conditioner Lanza Ultimate Treatment Lanza Hair Masque   Lanza Leave-In Detangler Lanza Styling Creme
    Biogenol Hair Masque Moisture Block   Way Smooth
Abba Color Conditioner Abba Conditioner Treatment Moroccan Oil Masque Moroccan Oil Abba  Conditioner Treatment Moroccan Styling Creme
Abba Moisture Conditioner Abba Leave-In Treatment   Wild Growth Hair Oil Moisturizer Abba Gentle Leave-In Conditioner  
Bonacure Smooth Control Conditioner Bonacure Moisture Kick Treatment Bonacure Moisture Masque Treatment   Bonacure Moisture Kick Spray Osis Magic
Paul Brown Hawaii Ressurect Conditioner KuKui Nut Rejucination Cocktail   All-Nutrient Hot Oil treatment    

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