Hair Styling Tools - Styling Aids

Hair Styling Tools - Styling Aids

Hair Styling Tools - Styling Aids

Hair Styling Tools - Styling Aids:    Make up a group of hair products uses to Aid you in Styling your hair. They come in a variety of forms with different methods of application.

Folks use many different words like goop, gel, cream (also spelled creme), mousse, etc. to refer to the secret potion that helps them get "the look" they want with less effort. Styling Aids wash out each time you shampoo. You condition your hair, towel  dry your hair and use the remaining water to help your spread the styling aid evenly throughout you hair, and / or on to the hair roots.

The most important Hair Styling Tool you have are you hands.  Here are 2-quick tricks of the trade" that are very useful

  • for right handed people to get root lift - place a small amount of styling gel in your left palm. Then take the first 3 fingers of your right palm and flatten out a "smush" around the gel so it gets on the palm side of your gingers only. Slide these 3 fingers through you hair, against the scalp making small circles.  the idea is to spread the gel on the root area of the hair only. Squeeze you fingers togetehr and lift to straighten out the hair next to the scalp - bingo - instant root lift & volume
  • How to control the "frizzies" using mousse with the "Oreo-Cookie Mousse Trick."  The idea is simple. Mousse comes out "wet"  and it also adds a little hold or set to hair. So if you let some mousse foam up in the palm of your hand the squish it to make and Oreo-Cookie with the mousse in the center and your hands as the cookie. Now pull your hands apart so some of the "mousse-filling " stays on each hand. Look in the mirror and move your hands toward the frizzy  ends of your hair, until the mousse (white) is picked up, and can be seen clinging to the frizzy ends of your hair.

      The  idea is to re-wet the "frizzy ends only" using the wet mousse, then pinch the white mousse on the frizzy ends to bring the frizz under control - giving your curl definition with the frizz

The holding ability of the styling aid is rated  form 1 to 10. This rating is called the Hold Factor. A hold factor of 1 indicates the product has the same holding strength as water (using nothing). Hold Factor 10 has 10 times the strength of water. If you have plenty of strength and volume, and you don't want to add any more (strength or volume) to your hair, but you want assistance with another problem (like eliminating frizz, or dryness or split ends) then,  a styling aid with a hold factor of 1 would be great for your hair as long as the product helped you with the target problem.

Mousse: taken from the French word meaning foam - someone took a hard hold gel that was hard to spread around and "foamed it up" to make it easier to apply evenly throughout the hair. Then named it Mousse, or foam in French like, "chocolate mousse.". Now available in varying holds from mild through strong to Extra Strong. Unlike other products in jars, Mousse also ensures that the user does not contaminate the product - put simply you don't put your fingers into the mousse can and leave anything behind.

Gel, styling gel and creams, and finishing creams offer a variety of products for folks who need some holding power but not quite as much as mousse.

Hair Spray:  We consider Hair Spray as a separate category see Hair Spray

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Hair Styling Tools - Styling Aids
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