Sudden Hair Loss

Sudden Hair Loss

Sudden Hair Loss

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Hair loss can be caused by many factors from, hormone imbalances, to pregnancy, genetics to medications, birth control pills, and even changes in diet. (Lap band procedures and other large & sudden dietary changes reducing protein intake often result in hair loss. If you have changed your diet and notice hair loss your should consult your medical professional for advice.)   Many diseases have hair loss as a primary symptom. Again consult with your medical professional.

Other common cause of hair loss include trauma, and/ or traction hair loss from tight braids, ponytails or
by rubbing against a bed. The habit of absent mindedly, twirling or plucking the hair also causes hair loss.

Hair loss may also be attributed to ring worm (fungal infection).

If you have sudden hair loss, see your doctor. Be prepared to discuss anything changes in your life (stress, diet, medication, etc) that might have contributed the hair loss.

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Sudden Hair Loss
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