Thinning Hair

Thinning Hair

Thinning Hair

hair loss in women | picture from bosley Thinning Hair:  is a common form of Hair Loss in Women. Women's hormone levels change (usually decline) as menopause approaches and then drop sharply during menopause and they don't recover. This is the reason to consider hormone replacement therapy. (Either by prescription from a doctor or by writing or figuring out your own prescription via diet or the health food store supplements.) We should note here that thinning hair may be caused by any trigger, be it  medical, physical or psychological that disrupts the normal balance of your hormones.

thinning hair | framesi hair follicle release treatment programOne treatment for thinning hair has efficacy tests conducted by EVIC - La Sapienza University - Rome is only available in Framesi Hair Salons nation wide. It is called the Framesi Hair Treatments for Follicle Release.

Another approach is presented in the Alterna Life product line. It specifically targets DHT.  Testosterone converts to DHT with the aid of the enzyme 5-alpha reductase, which in turn seems to reduce hair growth (cause thinning). You should know that female DHT levels, do not need go up to trigger thinning hair. If the female hormones, that turn off the DHT go down, you will probably end up with a thinning hair problem .

Certain hair products stop DHT to slow down hair loss - but only if you use them on a regular basis. Yes ladies I know many of you have long hair and don't want to shampoo every day and put on a treatment. If you are targeting DHT we suggest that you do your shampoo, conditioning and anti-DHT treatment every day. Then if your DHT treatment is working well you may (or may not) want to try returning to your regular shampoo schedule. If the hair thinning returns, you will probably want to go back to using the products that fight DHT on a daily basis. Hair only grows 1/2" a month so going after DHT is a like bit like being pregnant. The first 3 months you hardly see anything, the second three months things "seem to show" a little and the last 3 months you find out if your assault on your DHT is really working. This long time delay is the reason we suggest a daily shampoo, conditioner and anti- DHT treatment schedule.

Remember, (see Hair Growth) if you started with no hair at all it would take from 3 years to 7 years for all your hair to "grow in." This means you won't see the maximum benefit for at least 3 or as long as 7 years. The longer you "put off" starting any treatment regime the longer it takes your hair to fully recover. Further if you stop using products that counter act the effects of DHT the hair loss problem will probably return.

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Thinning Hair
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