Treatments for Dandruff

Treatments for Dandruff

Treatments for Dandruff

Treatments for Dandruff

Does your hair feel dry or does it lack luster, shine, vitality, and the beauty you are used to seeing in your hair? Though dry hair can be caused by many factors, there are some simple choices you can make to get rid of your dry hair and dandruff:
 1- change what you are doing to eliminate the dryness and dandruff or
 2- adjust your hair products to compensate for your unwanted dry hair and dandruff... or
 3- add hair treatments to your regular routine compensation for dryness and dandruff in your hair... or
 4- do both #1 & #2 & #3 above and say goodbye to you dry hair and dandruff!

1 - What You Can Change

Hot Showers Scratching your Scalp Blow Drying

Treatment for Dandruff #1: for Dandruff and Dry Hair:
Turn down the water temperature!
While hot showers may "feel great" to you it may be causing your dry hair and dandruff . The hot water causes depletion of natural oil from you hair & scalp. Hot water can also cause "dandruff" of flaking of the scalp, to appear out of nowhere as the body sends your scalp into the  "over drive reproduction mode," in an attempt to replace the cells now flaking off.

Simply put, your scalp has fewer pain receptors and, without knowing it, the hot water you use, tortures those cells to death right on your scalp. The dead & tortured scalp cells are now flaking off and bingo - you think you have dandruff. So stop cooking your scalp - turn down the temperature of your shower water.

Treatment for Dandruff #2: stop "scratching off" the dandruff with your fingernails or your shampoo brush. The scratching may be damaging your scalp and causing the very dandruff youare trying to get rid of. Instead use the cushion-tips of our fingers to "massage" your scalp - stopping the cause of the dandruff - the scratching!

Wrong Shampoo

If you have colored, straightened or permed hair you need
Treatment for Dandruff #3: for Dry Hair
use a shampoo & a conditioner that is designed to work with your hair and your hair treatment.



Treatment for Dandruff #4:
Keep your blow dryer at a safe distance from your hair.
Here is the big trick - & its easy too!
Place the stream of hot air from you blow dryer on top of your thumb nail - if you get too close it will hurt so increase the distance between your thumb nail and the dryer until it is NOT too hot for your nail. This is the "safe distance" for your blow dryer to be held from your hair.
PS - stop drying when your hair is dry.

 Treatment for Dandruff #5:
If all the "simple stuff" fails click to see  Dry Scalp Treatment by Framesi

2 - Causes of Dry Hair

Dry Hair That is Naturally Curly
The dry feeling for naturally curly hair may just be a feeling of natural stiffness.  This feeling of dryness or stiffness is usually discovered when you run you hair between you fingers. The sides of your fingers are more sensitive than the finger tips, making  it easier to detect stiffness and/or "scratchy-ness" that your finger tips would miss. Curly hair is generally flatter in shape than straight hair, which is round by comparison. The tighter the curl, the flatter the cross section of the hair and the "scratchier" or dryer it feels between your fingers. It may not be dry at all. But you think it is because it feels "scratchy".
Treatment for Dandruff #4: for dry hair - Don't be fooled if you hair is curly and scratchy it probably isn't dry but you will want it to feel better so use a leave in / leave on conditioner to help with the "scratchy" feeling" you don' t like.


Failure To Condition
If your hair is dry & you don't want dry hair then you MUST use conditioner every time you shampoo your
hair! The shampoo removes unwanted products build, pollution and unwanted minerals from your tap water. The conditioner replenishes healthy vitamins and adds moisture and life back into your hair. Shampoo alone cannot help your dry hair. Daily conditioning combined with weekly or daily hair oil treatments can do wonders for your dry hair. People with thin or fine hair often refuse to condition because "my hair has no body if I condition."
Treatment for Dandruff #5: for dry hair - use a conditioner every time you shampoo. For thin or fine hair see Conditioning Treatments for Thin Fine Hair.

Chlorine from Pools or Hot Tubs
Use hair products that help remove the chlorine or bromine form your hair with out drying your hair.

Hot Tools - Flat Irons & Curling Irons
If you have one of the new tools that says it it OK to flat iron or curling iron wet hair - and you hair is becoming dryer - stop using the iron on you hair before you have dried it. After drying you hair, use your curling iron or flat iron but first apply a styling product designed to protect your hair from the high temperatures of your iron.

Minerals in Your Water
Your water may contain harmful minerals that will severely damage your hair overtime. Use products that remove these harmful minerals from your hard water hair to make your hair healthier and happier.

Over Processing

Your hair will become dry and damaged if you over process your hair by:

  • • applying color from scalp to ends every time you color your hair
  • • both  perm and color
  • • perm me once - perm me twice and perm me once again
  • • bleach color and perm
  • • color and straighten.

In short he more things you do to your hair the more you have to take care of it with deep conditioning treatments.




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